Parker comes to pensioner’s aid in local DIY SOS

Posted 5th April 2019

Parker Building Supplies provided free of charge materials to a pensioner in Patcham who’d been the victim of fraud.

Bogus builders preyed on a pensioner in Patcham, knocking down her garden well before encouraging her to withdraw funds to repair it. Luckily her bank spotted the fraud, but it was too late for the wall.

But then her local community rallied round in DIY SOS fashion to rebuild the wall – and PBS Hassocks branch was only too pleased to provide free of charge sand, bricks and cement to help them get the job done.

A fund has been set up to provide the resident with additional security too. The story made it into the Argus – with prominent Parker branding reflecting our community spirit.

Councillor Lee Wares, who joined the build, told the paper: “This started as something that made everyone very angry but quickly turned into a huge community response to do something about it.

“Residents and local firms rallied round and offered everything for free. It was a remarkable response that just goes to show that the vast majority of people are full of goodwill and generosity.”

The Argus reported that police had made an arrest and were investigating.

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