Price Increase Notification



Product TypeEffective Date% increase
Brett LandscapingLandscaping Products01/06/20214%
GlidevaleVentilation products01/06/20214.8%
British GypsumDrylining and plasters01/06/20215%
ACO TechnologiesDrainage solutions01/06/20217.5%
Anglian TimberTimber01/06/202110%
Aliaxis (including Hunter
Plastics, Marley,
Multikwik, Alutec)
Drainage & Rainwater products01/06/202110.8%
JablitePolystrene insulation 01/06/202113%
Marley (Accessories)Roof Tiles01/06/202110% on accessories only
A Perry LTDIronmongery01/06/202112% ironmongery, fixings, hardware
Global StoneNatural stone products01/06/202114.75% natural stone, 4-7.5% porcelain
Intetec LtdPlumbing and heating01/06/20213-10%
Eastbrook CoKitchen and bathroom01/06/20213-14%
CromarRoofing membranes01/06/20213-15%
Ariel PlasticsRoofing Products01/06/20214-12%
Embrass (CQI)Plumbing Brassware01/06/20214-15%
Falcon Panel ProductsWood based panel products01/06/20215-15%
ExitexHardware products01/06/20215% intumescent products
15% carpet edging 
SSQ Spanish SlateRoofing slates01/06/20215% on Brazilian Grey slates and
10% on Brazilian Black slates
KloberBuilding and Roofing products01/06/20215-12.5%
VadoPlumbing/Bathroom brassware01/06/20216% surcharge 
Reliance Worldwide
(John Guest Speedfit)
Plumbing fittings01/06/20216-8%
DuPont/ TyvekRoofing membranes01/06/20216-9%
Digby TradingNatural stone products01/06/20218% sandstone grey and porcelain
products, 4% everything else
TarmacAggregates , blocks and
concrete products
01/06/2021Asphalt products, aggregate products
& ready mixed concrete increasing
Gill AggregatesAggregates01/06/2021Concrete products increasing 6%
CembritRoofing Materials01/06/2021Corrugated sheets and accessories 6%
GRP/Rooflights 6%
WrekinGeotextiles01/06/2021Geotextiles increase 8.5%
Aggregate Industries
Aggregates01/06/2021Indian sandstone increase 
PavestoneNatural Stone products01/06/2021Raj Blend and Light Grey
colours approx 20%
Cemex Readymix
and Aggregates
Readymix and Aggregates01/06/2021Readymix and Aggregates increasing 
Crosswater HoldingsBathroom products01/06/2021Shower valves increase
U Value InsulationInsulation01/06/2021Warmline XPS increase 20%
IkoRoofing membranes14/06/202114% Rubershield and Pitched Roof
Underlay. 12% Weed Control Membrane



Product TypeEffective Date% increase
VariousOSB01/07/2021Up to 30%
MarshallsLandscaping Products01/07/2021Marshalls commercial concrete landscape products
Concrete products featured in Gardens & Driveways brochure 6.25%
Fischer FixingsFixings01/07/202110% on foams
Walsall WheelbarrowWheelbarrows01/07/202118% average
TembeDecorating products01/07/20212-8%
Swift Electrical WholesalersAppliances01/07/20213-4% on all SMEG products and 3% on
Franke products
Sussex Handmade BrickBricks01/07/20213% on all bricks
(Blockley products only)
Bricks & Block paving01/07/20213% on Blockleys pavers
Geocel (Sherwin Williams)Sealants and adhesives01/07/20214.84% increase on silicone based products
EJ UK Fabricaton
(Peter Savage)
Manhole Covers01/07/20215-13.5%
Aspro ToolsTools01/07/20218% on all products
TimcoHardware and fixings01/07/20218.5% average
Flexseal CouplingsFlexible drainage couplings01/07/20218-12% Force Majeure increase
ChesterfeltRoofing Materials01/07/20218-12.5%
SoudalSilicones & sealants01/07/20219.5% silicone sealants and PU foam
HansonAggregates & Bricks01/07/2021Asphalt products increase
Stowell ConcreteConcrete blocks01/07/20215%
CembritRoofing Materials01/07/2021Cembrit Slates 8.1% Cempanel Board 25%
OX ToolsTools01/07/2021Hand tools increasing 2% in July
followed by 2.5% in October
FakroRoof ladders & Windows01/07/2021Loft ladder increase 7.5% wooden 9% metal
KingspanPIR Insulation01/07/2021PIN for Therma Range up to 10%
G&B North WestGRP roofing materials01/07/2021Surcharge on reinforcement products 36%
CelotexPIR insulation01/07/2021Up to 10%
PlassonWater supply fittings01/07/2021Up to 8%
EcoThermPIR Insulation05/07/202110% on PIR
Mannock (Quinn Therm)Insulation  05/07/202110% on PIR & 20% on EPS
Imperial BricksBricks06/07/2021£40/thousand surcharge

Whilst we endeavour to advise our customers of all forthcoming price adjustments, we cannot guarantee that we will always be in possession of the details in time to relay them before they become effective.


Some products are updated monthly, making notification in advance a challenge as sometimes we receive them only a day before the change commences. These products include timber, copper tube & lead.


Please do not hesitate to contact your local branch for specific prices or if you have any queries.