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At VELUX® we know how important it is to start planning for daylight in a project as early as possible. For decades we have led the way in designing innovative roof windows, blinds, shutters and accessories, all of which help create bright and welcoming spaces. VELUX roof windows can bring twice the amount of daylight* into your extension than vertical glazing of the same size, or transform your loft into a brand new space

The following features come as standard with all of our roof windows and are designed to make installation and operation easier, as well as ensuring our products look their best.


Safety glazing prevents glass from falling into your home if broken, and is standard in all of our roof windows (excluding rooflights for uninhabited spaces). Glazing options include noise reduction, privacy and added insulation.


Our high quality pivot hinges are designed with innovative technology, ensuring stability throughout the life of your product.


VELUX ThermoTechnology™ features high performance materials in the roof window construction. This ensures you use less energy whilst keeping the warmth in your home.


For easy cleaning of the outside pane, the barrel bolt locks the roof window in a 180° position. Now both hands are free for you to clean the outer pane easily and safely from within the room.


The unique brushed aluminium ventilation bar makes it possible to let fresh air into your home, even when the roof window is securely closed or when you are away or sleeping, without having to worry about security or bad weather.

Easy Installation

The same bracket is used for both recessed and standard installations. A simple red and blue line system shows where the bracket should be installed. You can be confident of a straightforward installation every time.

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Velux windows are available to buy online at our sister companies – Chandlers Building Supplies & Fairalls

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